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Oregon Standoff Gets Weird

An armed group called the Pacific Patriots Network walked onto the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge that has been occupied by protesters led by Ammon Bundy for the past week.

The new group of men showed up to provide a “security buffer” between the protesters and the government.

But in the middle of the press conference held on site by the Pacific Patriots Network, the Bundy camp interrupted to say they don’t want the new group there.

Following the interruption, a spokesman for the Pacific Patriots Network said they don’t support the occupation of the Bundy group.

Since the takeover the federal wildlife refuge, the protesters led by Bundy have called for help and attention to their cause, yet have been completely disorganized and unclear about their intentions.

The standoff, which looks more like a group of men who want to make a point but don’t know what their point is, has turned from a patriotic action against the size and power of the government into a way to get onto local television each morning.

The dangerous game these men are playing is unlikely to pay dividends as no real concrete demands have been offered, which gives federal and local authorities no way to end the occupation without the use of force.


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