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Oregon Occupation Day 6: Government Escalates

oregon occupation

On January 2nd, protesters took over and occupied the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon.

The small group of initially ten men set up camp in the park’s watch tower and visitor’s center to draw attention to the overreach of government power that includes the vast confiscation of land across the nation.

In the days that have passed, several others have joined the group of protesters with intent to stay put until they see change.

Earlier in the week, an anonymous government source leaked plans to cut off power and water to the group– a move to weaken the group to the elements of the area.

Similar tactics were used in 1993 during the siege on Mt. Caramel in Waco, Texas.

The FBI cut off power to the facility and shot through water tanks to deplete the reserves of the large group living in the facility.

Seventy six men, women, and children were killed in the raid.

In addition to cutting power to the facility, the government plans to blockade entry and exit to the refuge . . . another tactic used during Waco.

The protesters who have a limited supply of food, consisting of a few dozen cans of provisions and bags of flour and rice, will have to find another means of resupply.

After the leak, Ammon Bundy did not express concern over the move and stated they are equipped and skilled to deal with anything that is thrown at them.

A profile of the main members of the group showed several military veterans as well as Bundy, his brothers and other ranchers who are adept at living off of the land and finding ways to survive.

On the other hand, government authorities have kept their distance from the protesters and are most likely comfortably holed up in the nearby Crystal Crane Hot Springs. The hotel offers relaxed cabins at hot springs pond with private soaking tubs.

The hotel is sold out of nearly all cabins until January 10th.

If hotel bookings are any indicator of when the government plans on raiding the refuge, the protesters should be worried.


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