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Oregon Bar Faces the Heat for Promoting “Punch Steve Bannon, Get Free Whiskey for Life”

Back off hippie.

An Oregon bar decided to deal with matters in their own way. The bar called “Paydirt,”is supposedly paying big, over a note they have placed at the bottom of their receipts that reads, “Punch Steve Bannon, get free whiskey for life.”

Paydirt had been extending the offer since the last five months to punch the controversial aide to President Donald Trump.

However, as soon as word started spreading online, the establishment started receiving threats. The owner, Ezra Caraeff received some death threats and eventually led him to alter the offer at the bottom of the receipt to, “Punch (redacted), get free whiskey for life.” The owner also reportedly locked in Twitter account, whereas, Paydirt’s official page has now been disabled.

“I have an inbox full of threatening email, so I decided to edit it until the Pepes chilled out,” Caraeff stated. “I just set our Twitter account to private because I couldn’t keep up with all the people saying they are going to burn me alive at the bar. Good times.”

It has been reported the bartenders at Paydirt were bombarded with phone calls, most of which were left unanswered until someone decided to pick up.

“This guy says he’s going to slap the s**t out of me,” the bartender told Caraeff.

It was also noted that the bar’s Election Night Party announcement featured an image of Donald Trump, with his face crossed out, and read: “We’ll have a free champagne toast to our future Madame President. And if that doesn’t happen? We’ll feed you whiskey and you can use our Wi-Fi to find yourself a new home. New Zealand sounds nice.”

Additionally, after Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton, they advertised an Inauguration Night special that offered a portion of ALL sales,” would go towards Planned Parenthood. “Inauguration Day is not going to be easy, neither will the next four years,” the ad noted. “But thankfully we have lots of whiskey.”

Media outlets have reportedly tried contacting the bar to get an update, however, their voicemail appears to be full.


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