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Obama’s Alien Problem Takes An Out Of This World Turn


Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, the GOP, and even Border Patrol have been hitting Obama hard on the immigration of illegal aliens. They say the southern border is wide-open and letting in an influx of aliens.

Tuesday night, Obama received a different kind of criticism about his stance on aliens. Kyle Odom, a former marine, decided to take his complaints about Obama’s treatment of aliens to the White House.

Kyle Odom was arrested for throwing a computer flash-drive and documents over the White House fence. Reportedly the items were non-threatening, just a manifesto claiming that Obama was not doing enough to stop aliens… from outer space.

The story takes a sad turn when the secret service confirmed that Kyle Odom is the same man who is the prime suspect in the shooting of an Idaho pastor on Sunday. Kyle claimed that the pastor was an alien and ruined his life.

The former Iraq war vet has had a history of mental illness. After the shooting on Sunday, Odom flew from Boise Idaho to Washington DC. Local and federal law enforcement are very confused at how the suspect was able to buy a ticket and board a plane to one of the most secure cities in the world.

There are many confusing twists to this story. What was on the flash-drives that Kyle Odom threw over the White House fence? Did he have real evidence of Area 51, Roswell or Area 6? Did he know something that we don’t or did his mental illness take over?

At the time of publication, the pastor is recovering from 6 gunshot wounds and Kyle Odom was apprehended without any incident. The big question is, what drove this man to attempt murder and then fly to Washington to persuade the president to do more about aliens?

If only Fox Mulder and Dana Scully were real. Then we could finally get to the bottom of this out of the world story.


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