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Obama Sets A New Record And It Is Not Good


If you were to listen to President Obama you would think that he is a miracle worker and saved our economy and we are growing like never before. Well part of that is right.

We are growing like never before, or should I say, not growing like never before.

President Obama is the first President in history to not record a single year of a least 3% growth in our Gross Domestic Product (GDP).


Thursday the Commerce Department announced that economy that Obama has spent Trillions on rose at a horrible 0.5%. That is even after a 1.4% fourth quarter that brought the average up.

Things are bad and the stock market responded yesterday in similar fashion by dropping over 200 points.

Just last week in London Obama said that one of the things that he is most proud of during his tenure as President and his greatest legacy achievement was “saving the world’s economy.”

Ironically he didn’t save ours, but not to hear him speak. Earlier this month he spoke directly about the economy and didn’t even mention the slow GDP and the real problems.

Without ever acknowledging the real problems, we will never be able to fix them.

Do you think President Obama has done a good job with our Economy? Let us know in the comments.


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