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Obama Keeps Talking Smack About Trump

Barack Obama
He just won't shut up!

Former President Barrack Obama did an interview at the Obama Foundation Summit in Chicago on Monday night, and used the opportunity to trash Trump.

In an interview with author Dave Eggers, Obama talked about a wide range of topics that include social change and climate change.

Obama took a chance to take a shot at Trump when the topic of global warming came up. He said there is a reason the US isn’t creating new climate change policies “is because we are still confused, blind, shrouded with hate, anger, racism… mommy issues.”

The “mommy issues” line got a hearty laugh from the audience, because they all knew whom he was talking about. Obama was talking about Trump’s America.

See the full interview below.

The former president has taken a lot of shots at the current president lately. In October Obama also said about Trump that, “nobody in my administration got indicted.”

During the 2008 election, Obama threw former President George Bush under the bus every opportunity he had. It is expected in this political atmosphere. Obama was the new president and blamed all the countries problems on Bush. The thing is, Bush didn’t respond. He just retreated back to Texas to paint. His job was done.

Obama doesn’t seem to think his job is done though, quite the opposite. The former president hit the campaign trail for Democrats in the midterms and has been very vocal about his dislike for President Trump.

With Michelle Obama on a book tour, a new book coming from President Obama as part of a $60 million dollar deal, it doesn’t look like the attacks on the current president are over. Plus we have the 2020 elections coming up. Obama doesn’t seem like he is done at all.

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