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Obama Impeachment Talk Grows Despite Final Year


On January 13th, members of the Republican National Committee will consider a resolution to push Republicans in Congress to introduce articles of impeachment against President Obama.

Following Obama’s reckless executive actions aimed at gun owners, a realistic movement to impeach the president has grown in momentum and action.

Articles of Impeachment have already been prepared by the non-profit group, the North American Law Center.

Proponents of Impeachment include radio personality Alex Jones, who garners a massive following of Americans.

When asked by Jones what he felt about impeaching Obama, presidential candidate Donald Trump stated, “in a way, you’ll make him a martyr” disagreeing with starting the procedure during Obama’s final year.

Arguments in favor of Impeachment include sending a message to future presidents while limiting Obama’s erratic behavior of the president in his final year.

The chances of Articles of Impeachment being introduced are not good, as House Republicans led by Speaker Paul Ryan have yet to stand up to the White House during their majority run.


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