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By the Numbers: Trump vs Cruz

trump and cruz

The Republican Nomination for President is coming down to two contenders, Donald J. Trump and Rafael “Ted” Cruz.

Polls have the billionaire businessman, Trump, up consistently by at least 14 points, but their campaign numbers tell an entirely different story.

Trump has been running under a philosophy of “go it alone” in which he does not ask for contributions and scolds any Super PACs that emerge to give him aide.

In contrast, Cruz has relied solely on contributions from donors around the nation along with smiling at money pouring in from investment bankers to his Super PACs.  Note that Cruz’s wife, Heidi, is an investment banker for Goldman Sachs.

Here are the numbers:

  Cruz Trump
Political Experience: Three years in U.S. Senate None
Public Sector Experience: None 40 years as CEO
Education: JD Harvard Law BS Wharton
Personal Net Worth: $3.17 million $10 billion +
Funds Raised: $64.9 million $5.83 million
Age: 45 69
Candidate’s Money: $0 $1.8 million
Mega Donations: $33.5 million $0
Weeks Running: 42 30
Days in Primary States: 62 51
Twitter Followers 709,516 5,674,206
Facebook Likes 1,778,009 5,287,161

Despite the significant advantage Ted Cruz has with fundraising, Donald Trump has not only outpolled the establishment candidate, but has trounced the Texas Senator with enthusiasm expressed through social media.

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