NRA Has More Members Than Ever Before

Some (very) good news, for once!

Forget what the left keeps saying about the NRA: the famed Second Amendment group has more members than ever before in its history.

On Monday, the NRA tweeted that they had passed an important milestone: they now have 6 million members.

The gun rights group had been under attack by the left since February, when a shooting at a Parkland, Florida, high school left 14 dead. Though the NRA had no role in the shooting, and the alleged shooter was not an NRA member, the left turned the organization into a boogeyman.

But the American people—especially law-abiding gun owners—aren’t taking the bait.

The biggest increase came in April. The NRA had planned to grow its ranks by 100,000 new members—but instead, gained a million.

“Well, they soared past that by 900,000,” wrote Matt Vespa of Townhall. “The NRA, which touts its five million members, of which I have been a proud one since becoming eligible to vote, is now a six million strong organization.”

Despite the huge increase in membership—along with shattering fundraising records earlier this year—the left continues to attack the NRA.

Earlier this week, anti-gun activists threatened a boycott of grocery store chain Publix—leading the chain to announce that they would suspend all political giving on both sides of the aisle.