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What Now? Chuck Schumer Admits Democrats Are Powerless

Chuck Schumer went on the view on Tuesday to discuss politics with the very anti-Trump panel, but he admitted one truth about Democrats.

When Chuck Schumer was praising John McCain for standing up against Trump, he admitted that the Democrats are powerless. He said the only hope America has is if the Republicans stand up to Trump.

“My prediction is, if he keeps up on this path, which is likely. I don’t think he will change. Within three/four months you are going to see a whole lot of Republicans breaking with him, and that is the salvage of America.”

Schumer, the most powerful Democrat in the Senate is saying that the Democrats can’t do anything to stop Trump. They can only hope more cross the isle like John McCain.

Is that really the right message the Senate Minority Leader should be presenting to the American people? If we need Republicans to be the “salvage of America”, then what do we need the Democrats for?

Since Trump won the election and the Republicans control the House and Senate, the Democrats are feeling very powerless and they don’t know how to respond.

Democrat Rep. from California, Maxine Waters has resorted to name calling by claiming that Trump’s cabinet is full of “scumbags”.

Maybe Democrats should stop attacking Trump personally and relying on Republicans to be the “salvage of America”, and instead start showing true leadership and fighting Trump with the rule of law.

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