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North Dakota Farmer Plows Big Message For Trump

North Dakota
Road Trip!

North Dakota might be the wrong kind of “border state,” but one resident has a big message for Trump about the proposed wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Literally, a *big* message.

Farmer Gene Hanson of Edgeley, North Dakota, plowed “BUILD THE WALL” in the snow on his property… and the letters are so gigantic that they span the distance of two football fields.

“President Trump, stand your ground and get-‘er-done,” the 78-year-old Hanson said, during an interview with Fox News.

Hanson apparently got the idea to carve the huge letters in the snow after watching President Trump’s prime-time address from the Oval Office earlier this week.

But it’s not Hanson’s first time using his field and his plow to send a big message to the country.

In 2017, during the height of the uproar over NFL players refusing to stand for the National Anthem, Hanson plowed: “WE STAND FOR THE NATIONAL ANTHEM”–a gambit that got noticed by President Trump himself, who tweeted a photo of the field.


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