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No Way! Iran Not Following Deal? What?


When President Obama made a deal with Iran, we got nothing, while the Iranians received everything. They got billions of dollars, international credibility and a path to building nuclear weapons.

We thought they would change their tone, but nope!

Iran tried to ship rockets and rifles to Yemen to help support terrorist activity but thankfully our military stopped them.

This is the third shipment of weapons that have been stopped in the Arabian Sea over the last month.

The irony is that Iran is criticizing the United States and says that we are the ones breaking the deal. They got their money and now they are warning us.

Here is what Sadeq Amoli Larijani, Iran’s judiciary chief, had to say. “The Americans are now acting in violation of the nuclear agreement.” He then decided to go after President Obama by accusing his administration of “pressuring companies which are interested in investment in Iran to withdraw from their decision.”

“The Americans should know that the Islamic Republic of Iran would never compromise its interests and would never agree with investment of foreign firms in the country at any price, while it enjoys rich resources and abundant talents.”

It is clear that Iran doesn’t want to play nice and they have become the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism. What isn’t clear is when we are going to do something about it.

Iran is blaming America for breaking the deal, and now North Korea is talking about dropping nukes into Washington DC. We have ISIS spreading out over Europe and there isn’t much of a plan to stop any of it.

Iran and other countries are flexing their muscles to see how far America will bend over to accommodate them.


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