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No Vaccine… No Organ Transplants

If you don’t have a vaccine and you are in need of an organ transplant, you can just kiss that organ goodbye.

A health system in Colorado says that it will not allow people who are unvaccinated to get organ transplants.

For many people, not getting an organ is the difference between life and death.

A woman who is suffering from stage 5 renal failure has a donor lined up, but now can’t get the procedure done to get the kidney she needs to live.

The woman and her donor are now looking for another health care system to try and get the lifesaving procedure done.

This is just coming after the hospital system said that no vaccine was needed for the procedure in August. Things have changed now.

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More and more we are hearing that freedoms are being taken away from those that do not get the vaccine.

How long will it be until those that don’t have the vaccine can’t even leave their houses?