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New York Hits Back At Ted Cruz

New York

On Thursday night’s debate in Charleston, South Carolina, Texas Senator Ted Cruz took a jab at business mogul Donald J. Trump saying, “I think he may shift in his new rallies to playing ‘New York, New York” because Donald comes from New York and he embodies New York values.”

Cruz went on to say that “New York values” represent pro-abortion, anti-gun, values and that no conservative has ever come out of New York.

Trump reminded the junior senator that conservative icon William F. Buckley came from the Big Apple.

Hitting back with anger in his eyes, Trump went on to defend New Yorkers, retelling the selfless acts following the attacks on September 11th.

Even Cruz, who initiated the thoughtless insult was left applauding Trump after his defense of New York natives.

The following morning, New Yorkers took their defense further with the New York Daily News unloading on Rafael “Ted” Cruz.

The cover of the daily publication screamed, “Drop Dead Ted” with an image of the statue of liberty bending down to “flip off” the three-year senator with little experience outside of politics.

The New York Daily News cut deep publishing:

Ted Cruz, who only comes here with his hand out, has decided that the most diverse city the world has ever known is filled with people who all think alike. He sounds in these moments like as slow a thinker as we have ever had run for President.

If you are dumb enough to think that New York values are some sort of handicap in this presidential season, then you are as dumb and tone deaf as Jesse Jackson was calling the city “Hymietown,” as dumb as Gerald Ford was when he gave this paper the most famous front page in its history, the day he effectively told New York to drop dead.

To add insult to injury, a myriad of New York politicos and celebrities weighed in against Cruz with Rep. Peter King telling the senator, “Go back under a rock.”

The Daily News closed its piece with:

Cruz is a lightweight. He always has been, however well he is doing in caucuses in the heartland. He may do well there. He is just out of his class here. It is the other party that has a donkey as its mascot. But Cruz is the one who’s a career jackass.
City to him: Get lost.

Cruz’s words were a deliberate attempt to isolate Trump as out of touch with conservatives and Americans around the nation. Rafael’s words backfired and possible offended his biggest backer including hedge fund manager Robert Mercer who has donated over $10 million to a pro-Cruz super pac.


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