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New “Woke” Army Recruitment Ad Highlights Gay Marriage?

Following the CIA’s “woke” recruitment video highlighting a female CIA employee, the Army has produced a cartoon ad that unnecessarily replays personal life of a female soldier who is the child of “two moms.”

The ad went so far as to recreate the marriage ceremony for the Corporal’s same-sex parents.

The ad was released as a series dubbed “The Calling” which highlights currently serving soldiers who overcome personal challenges to join and excel in the Army.

The five ads released to date show the life struggles and history of three African American soldiers, one Hispanic soldier, and “Emma” who is the Caucasian daughter of a lesbian couple.

The ads collectively target American minorities which is not a recruitment struggle for the Armed Forces.

Within Army Active Duty personnel, 43% are ethnic or racial minorities with 23% of the force served by African Americans.

The 2020 Census calculated that 12.2% of the population is black while 60.1% is white.

The demographic breakdown within the Army proves that ethnic and racial diversity is not an issue, however, the largest branch of the military continues to pander to minority communities and now, the LGBTQ community with taxpayer funded ad campaigns.


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