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NBC Criticizes Trump For Freeing Hostages From North Korea

Donald Trump
"Just going to rescue me some Hostages, Melania.... be back in 15"

President Trump can do nothing right–at least, according to the mainstream media.

On Thursday, NBC News reporter Hallie Jackson criticized Trump for rescuing three American hostages from North Korea.

“You had–it also [was] very carefully choreographed right? The Vice President landed, the President, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and then that plane carrying these three American citizens,” said Jackson, who was at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland when the hostages arrived back in the United States.

“But what was striking, was that this was, listen, Donald Trump is a former reality show producer. This was a staged production meant for television, meant for the cameras, meant to be shown and seen here in this country and around the world,” she criticized.

“You had floodlights lighting up this 30 X 50-foot American flag, hanging in between two ladder trucks, as the plane carrying these men rolled in,” she added. “This moment when the President and First Lady holding hands went up the stairs, spending six minutes in private conversation.”

According to studies, more than 90% of mainstream media coverage of President Trump is negative.

When NBC News attacks him for freeing hostages from North Korea, it’s easy to see how.


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