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Mitch McConnell Assaulted At Dinner By Anti-ICE Protesters

Mitch McConnell
"Would you like some fries with that?"

On Saturday, Mitch McConnell was publicly harassed and verbally assaulted for the second time in as many weeks.

In late June, McConnell and his wife, Elaine Cho (who is the Transportation Secretary and arguably a bigger member of the “Trump Administration” than Mitch) were confronted by protesters after leaving an event at Georgetown.

Now, Kentucky ne’er-do-wells have taken Maxine Waters’ advice and chased Mitch out of a restaurant while he was trying to enjoy a meal.

Hundreds of people were at an anti-ICE protest in downtown Louisville on Saturday, organized in part by the Democratic Socialists of America. Only a few miles from the protest, Mitch McConnell and a pair of friends were eating dinner in a local restaurant.

Somebody spotted Mitch, and called for the ICE protesters to come and harass him.

So protesters showed up and started berating McConnell for supporting the Trump administration’s policy of separating families at the border. They were giving McConnell too much credit, however; he never supported Trump’s family separation policy in the first place, and besides that, the policy has already been reversed by Trump.

Still, these protesters seemed to be either a bit dimwitted or a bit behind the times. In a recording of the confrontation, some protesters can be heard yelling “Where are the children? Where are the babies, Mitch?”

As if Mitch McConnell were personally smuggling immigrant babies away from their parents in the dead of night.


In the video, a low-speed chase ensues, with Mitch and friends calmly walking away from the small crowd of lunatics following them while chanting “vote you out!” Then another protester begins to shout “Yeah, we know where you live, too, Mitch! We know where you live!” and another calls McConnell “turtle head”. And right about then, Mitch and his buddies languidly climb into a black Toyota minivan amidst some halfhearted cries of “Abolish ICE!”

But with Mitch out of sight and nobody else around to yell at, the energy quickly goes out of the protesters. “We did good, fellow citizens” says one guy (seemingly the same one that said “we know where you live”) and soon the protesters, tired from a long day of socially just-icing, begin to wander about yelling “No justice! No peace!” at the back of McConnell’s slowly departing minivan.

And then the video ends, and surely the brave turtle-fighters eventually dispersed back to whatever holes they crawled out of.


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