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Millions to be Released from Cages


While chickens are no criminals, millions of the tasty critters will be released from their cages due to a coerced move by fast food franchise, Wendy’s.

Animal welfare activists have pushed the burger joint to announce their shift to 100% cage-free eggs by 2020.

The move by the world’s third-largest fast food company comes on top of other policy changes that Wendy’s has driven since the late 1990’s. The company has even established an Animal Welfare Council that has been active for 15 years.

Wendy’s has also been the focus of a “Wicked Wendy’s” campaign by PETA that started 15 years ago.

Giving in to an extremist animal rights group, Wendy’s will shift their egg sourcing to “cage-free” chicken farmers. “Cage-free” differs from “Free-Range” in that free-range chickens are permitted outdoor access while cage-free-chickens are held in a large indoor colony rather than individual cages.

Josh Balk, Humane Society of the United States Senior Food Policy Director, applauded the move, saying, “We appreciate Wendy’s leadership over the years in creating a more humane supply chain. The company’s cage-free eggs announcement further demonstrates its commitment to ensure farm animals have better lives.”

Wendy’s has not announced the financial impact of the move and whether increased costs will be passed on to consumers due to pressure by extreme animal welfare groups.


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