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Millennial Journalist Mocked For $22 Avocado Toast Tweet

Millennial Snack
The only thing millennials truly care about... Avocado Toast!

Social media users were not sympathetic when a millennial journalist took to Twitter to complain about her overpriced, disappointing avocado toast.

Taylor Lorenz, who reports for The Atlantic, shared a photo of two pieces of grilled bread in a takeout box, with a messy glob of guacamole in the corner.

“I Seamlessed a $22 avocado toast and this is what just arrived,” she complained. The Seamless app is a company that delivers food from local restaurants.

Lorenz’s tweet soon went viral… with users mocking her for paying so much money to have two pieces of toast and some guacamole hand-delivered to her apartment.

Conservative writer Stephen Miller landed the best blow–taking a photo of a jar of jelly and a jar of peanut butter smushed between two pieces of white bread, along with the caption, “I Seamlessed a $40 PB & J and this is what just arrived.”

Businessman Jeremy Burge added, “I never want to victim blame but…”

NBC News reporter Ben Collins was sympathetic for his friend being attacked on social media… but not for her avocado toast disaster, writing, “Taylor I love you but you did this to yourself.”

Lorenz, to her credit, was able to laugh off the admittedly First World Problem. She tweeted, “Yes, I could have gone to the store but I helped my bf move all yesterday then was out late. So guess what, I was being lazy! Lol.”

She added that she just “felt like some [avocado] toast, let me live!”


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