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Media stirring panic with phony Coronavirus footage

CBS News has been caught faking Coronavirus footage… seemingly in order to make the pandemic in the United States look worse than it is.

On March 22 and March 25, CBS News aired segments about the impact on Coronavirus in New York City.

In each of these segments, CBS aired a startling video–depicting a frantic, jam-packed hospital, seemingly evidence of a healthcare system beginning to buckle under the volume of Coronavirus patients.

The problem? That hospital wasn’t in New York. Or even the United States of America.

It was in Italy.

The footage had originally aired on Britain’s Sky News, where it was correctly identified as a hospital in the Italian city of Bergamo–located in Lombardy, where the bulk of the Italian pandemic was located.

The hospital was not explicitly identified in the CBS segments, but contextually presented as New York City.

Due in part to socialized medicine and an elderly population, Italy was one of the hardest-hit nations for Coronavirus–with a mind-boggling 10 percent of diagnosed patients succumbing to the disease.

The gigantic outbreak in Italy did cause problems in their government-run healthcare system–which the CBS footage depicted.

CBS chalked the whole thing up to an “editing mistake.”

“We took immediate steps to remove it from all platforms and shows,” said a CBS News spokesperson.


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