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McConnell: 100% Confident In Mueller’s Investigation

Mitch McConnell
Is he a Witch Hunter now?

Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell (R-Ky) quickly came to the defense of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, calling the former FBI boss “thoroughly credible.” This sharp response was given as Trump tweeted over the weekend, fueling speculation that Mueller’s days were numbered.

Going further, directly contradicting President Trump’s views on the issue, McConnell declared Mueller, “an excellent appointment,” when asked to respond by reporters.

He told the reporters, “I think he will go wherever the facts lead him, and I think he will have great credibility with the American people when he reaches the conclusion of this investigation, so I have a lot of confidence,”

“I don’t think Bob Mueller is going anywhere,” McConnell said. “We all anticipate him finishing the job and telling the American people what they need to know about this episode.”

McConnell’s strong support and defense of the Special Counsel drew strong praise and affirmation from his nemesis on the other side of aisle, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (N.Y) who had called it as a “shot across the bow” that Trump should be heading.

Warning tTrump that he would only be creating havoc by firing Mueller, Schumer said, “What Mitch McConnell did today was the right thing, which was talk about the integrity of Mr. Mueller, say that he ought to be allowed to continue his investigation unimpeded,”

In the meantime, Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) said to McConnell that the firing of the special counsel Bob Mueller wasn’t even considered as yet.

He told the reporters at his news conference that “I received assurances that his firing is not even under consideration,” He also said, “We have a system based upon the rule of law in this country. We have a justice system, and no one is above that justice system.”

Paul Ryan said; “free to follow through his investigation to its completion without interference.”


Expressing the President’s frustration, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders noted, “To pretend like going through this absurd process over a year would not bring frustration seems a little ridiculous,”

Among all of this, some Republicans including the members of the House GOP leadership, are trying and pushing hard for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to hire yet another special counsel to investigate the crimes of the Clintons and the corrupt investigation surrounding her use of a secret email server.


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