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Maxine Waters Accuses Ben Carson Of Being A White Nationalist

Maxine Waters
Everyone they dislike is a Nazi... this doesn't even make sense!

Fox News host Tucker Carlson confronted unhinged Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) over her accusations that Secretary Ben Carson is a “white nationalist,” leader.

On Monday’s airing of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Carlson called Waters “untethered from reality” over her remarks during a recent Los Angeles town hall meeting in which she accused HUD Secretary Ben Carson of being a “white-wing nationalist.”

During the interview, Waters repeatedly insisted that Carson was a “white nationalist” and went on to clarify that she believes that he supported the “white nationalist, KKK, and Nazi” in Charlottesville. A local news outlet covering Waters’ town halls noted, “Rep. Maxine Waters talked about Secretary Ben Carson and Secretary Steven Mnuchin in the same sentence as the white nationalist, KKK, and Nazi who participated in the violence that occurred Charlottesville VA over the weekend during a town hall in Los Angeles on Thursday.”

Waters stated, “While the president was defending the white nationalists and the KKK and all of those ‘alt-right’ groups who were basically out there in Virginia.” She continued, “literally beating and marching and ranting about Jews and black people.”

“But this is what this Cabinet looks like, whether we talk about [Treasury Secretary Steve] Mnuchin or Ben Carson, who’s over at HUD,” Waters emphasized. “If you think reclaiming my time that I did with Mnuchin, you wait ’til Ben Carson comes.”

Maxine Waters’ views on Ben Carson are widely shared among Democrats. Another guest of Tucker Carlson, New York Councilman Jumaane Williams, agreed with Waters. Jumaane Williams stated that Carson was in his position only because he “has some melanin in his skin” and accused the legendary neurosurgeon of being a “white nationalist,” as well.

“There, for me, seemed no other reason for a man who was clearly unqualified, had no experience in housing at all, whatsoever, and when you have the word ‘urban’ in it, to put someone with some melanin in his skin,” Williams stated.

The New York City councilman even stated that, Carson was an integral part of a “white supremacist agenda” because “people who believe in neo-Nazism, people who believe in [white] supremacy support those [Trump] agendas, support those ideologies, support those polices, and Ben Carson is part of those who support it.”

It should be noted that Carson has repeatedly called racism a “sickness” and argued powerfully that “Through hard work, perseverance and a faith in God, you can live your dreams.” However, he has been a target by members of the opposite party and the media for his support of President Trump.


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