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This Man Makes Liberals More Crazy Than Trump

If there is one person that gets under the skin of the alt-left more than Donald Trump it is Milo Yiannopoulos.

HBO’s Bill Maher invited Milo to his show and things got a little wild.

Bill, unlike almost any other liberal commentators, has an open mind enough to invite Milo to his show, and they did find some common ground on Milo’s stances on free speech.

Milo is hated by the left and called a nazi a thousand times a day.

The claims of white supremacy and being a Nazi came up during the Overtime segment of Real Time with Bill Maher.

The man that once called the president the n-word said that Milo should go “F-himself”. Larry Wilmore goes off on Milo and shows his true colors.

The left clearly hate Milo, but the gay, British, Jewish man only getting started. Milo’s new book “Dangerous” is coming out in March and the young 32-year old editor at Breitbart is only getting started as a career political provocateur.

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