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Make America Great Wall Built On College Campus


Tulane University fraternity Kappa Alpha Order builds a wall around their off- campus house each spring as part of its “Old South” formal ball.

This year they decided to make a Trump wall. The wall made of sandbags was painted with the words “Make America Great Again” and as you can guess, the students saw a little backlash.

While some liberal sheltered students are freaking out about “Trump 2016” written in chalk around the country at other universities, Tulane students are losing it over this wall. Students protested and said the wall was “filled with connotations of hate and ignorance.” Since the students are part of a generation that shuns free speech, they decided to not petition the school to take it down. Instead, they did it themselves.

Unconfirmed reports are saying that the football team of Tulane teamed up to take the wall down.

It is sad that everything associated with Trump is called racist, especially on our school campuses today. These fraternity students did nothing wrong and they had their freedom of speech rights infringed.

As of publication there is no word yet on if the football players will be punished and if Mexico paid for the wall or not.


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