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Majority Think Democrats Are Too Radical

Shockingly Radical
*That face when you read the Democratic Party platform*

A majority of Americans think Democratic congressional candidates are too radical for the country.

According to a new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, 56 percent of Americans said that Democrats are “out of step with most Americans’ thinking.”

Just 33 percent said that they believed Democrats are “in the mainstream.”

That’s a tremendous shift from just two years ago, when 48 percent said Democrats were in the mainstream–and just 42 percent said they were not.

But Republicans looking to capitalize on the Democrats’ shift to the hard-left should also be warned: the American people don’t think the Republicans are much better.

The same poll showed that Americans view the Republican Party through a similar lens: just 33 percent said they believed Republicans are “in the mainstream” and 57 percent believed they are “out of step.”


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