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Libertarians Get Surprise Candidate With A Boot Hat


Those poor Libertarians can’t catch a break.

The Libertarian Party has worked hard for years to establish a foothold in nearly all of the states to get their presidential candidate on the ballot in 2016. The problem is that nearly all of the candidates seeking their nomination flat out suck.

Until yesterday, the top contenders were former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, anti-virus maker John McAfee and a 35 year-old former Fox News producer, Austin Petersen.

And then . . . Vermin Supreme threw his boot hat into the ring.

For those who have not heard of Vermin, it’s not a brand of rat poison. He’s a protest candidate that someone makes it on the screen in New Hampshire during the primary fracas.

Wearing a rubber boot on his head, an unkempt beard and wearing a jacket so ugly it had to have been purchased at a pimp store in Alabama, the presidential candidate runs on a platform of “Free ponies for everyone.”

While Vermin looks like a kook, he’s actually very well spoken and clearly intelligent. The “Vermin” gag is just that. A gag.

And now, due to the Libertarian Party’s rules of inclusiveness, they’ll have to allow Vermin Supreme to compete for the nomination of their presidential ticket, and represent the party when their debate is broadcast on CNN during the convention.

Vermin knows this and is likely cackling as his rubber boots flap with the jolts of laughter.

Watch Vermin in action here:


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