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Liberal Journalist Gets Banned From Twitter… for Quoting Joe Biden

A liberal journalist got kicked off Twitter… for quoting former Vice President Joe Biden.

Jordan Chariton, who founded the leftist news outlet Status Coup, received a 12-hour ban for “misleading information about voting.”

Chariton wrote, “Beto, Pete, and Amy all falling in line behind Joe Biden. Meanwhile Joe Biden tells voters to get out and vote on Super Thursday. Titanic meet iceberg.”

Chariton was referencing a Biden gaffe from Monday, when the former Vice President mistakenly talked the primaries on “Super Thursday.” He meant to say “Super Tuesday.”

Apparently, Twitter took that as unfair election interference. Chariton received a message admonishing him for, “Violating our rules about posting misleading information about voting.”

Chariton did not take the temporary suspension in stride. He recorded a video, which was tweeted out by Status Coup’s official account, slamming Twitter for the incident.

“Twitter has suspended me for the crime of quoting ‘Uncle’ Joe Biden,” he fumes. “I can’t make this up. ‘Uncle’ Joe Biden who a week ago said ‘I’m Joe Biden, I’m running for the United States Senate.’ ‘Uncle’ Joe Biden who does not know where he is a lot of the time. ‘Uncle’ Joe Biden who is having trouble getting through full sentences.”

Chariton also went to the media to criticize. In a statement to Fox News, Chariton wrote: “It’s puzzling that my Twitter account was singled out for tweeting out an accurate quote of Joe Biden’s own words when dozens of other accounts who did so were untouched. It indicates that this is not Twitter’s algorithm making an error but individuals at Twitter manually censoring journalists after an unflattering tweet about an establishment politician gets traction.”

Chariton’s rage seemed to give Twitter a clear message. Just 5 hours into his ban, Twitter backtracked and lifted his suspension.

But Chariton didn’t stop there. With his newly-unlocked Twitter account, he turned his anger on the social media network.

“I’ve been released from @twitter jail after I was suspended for accurately tweeting @JoeBiden’s own words urging supporters to vote on ‘Super Thursday.’ We’re now at the stage of corporate censorship where journalists are punished for accurately quoting politicians,” he wrote.

He added: “What’s most absurd about this… there are TONS AND
TONS of accounts who tweeted similar to me quoting @JoeBiden who weren’t suspended—but after my tweet got traction, all of a sudden I was reported (probably by Biden people) and manually singled out.”


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