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Liberal Comedian Apologizes to Sarah Palin for Vulgar Tweets


Liberal comedian Louis C.K. never apologizes for what he says–except, apparently, to Sarah Palin.

In 2010, when C.K. was drunk on a plane, he launched a shockingly vulgar tirade against Sarah Palin on Twitter.

One of C.K.’s choice tweets include: “I want to rub my father’s c*ck all over Sarah Palin’s fat t*ts.” And the rest are, surprisingly, even less suitable for print.

Sarah Palin perhaps best embodies the so-called “War on Women” that the Left claims–because, arguably, no other politician, male or female, has been the subject of as much harassment as Sarah Palin. C.K.’s tweets weren’t a standalone incident–they were just one piece of the Left’s collective, deeply-sexist rage against a successful female politician whose only crime is being unapologetically conservative.

To Louis C.K.’s credit, he did apologize to Sarah Palin. He told Howard Stern that Palin came up to C.K. to introduce herself:

“She says, ‘Hey, I think you’re terrific. I think you’re really funny and my nephew told me I have to say hi to you, that you’re the one guy I have to meet.’ Something came over me emotionally and I said, ‘Well, I owe you an apology.'”

After he told Palin exactly what he’d said about her, Palin–no stranger to liberal attacks–took the high road: inviting C.K. to go fishing with her if he ever comes to Alaska.


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