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Leftwing Terrorists Accidentally Protest Wrong Group

Wrong Punch Man
If "nazis" looked like soyboys...

Leftwing Antifa “activists” rioted against a group of “fascists” in Seattle.

The problem? They accidentally protested the wrong group.

Reporter Andy Ngo, who was harassed by Antifa for bringing a camera to their counterprotest, wrote in the Daily Wire that “the entire demonstration was organized based on misinformation.”

Antifa was out protesting a group called Washington State Three Percent, a mainstream constitutionalist nonprofit that was holding a rally.

They thought they were protesting a white supremacy group called 3% Security Force.

“The Washington State Three Percent is a registered independent charity whose name pays homage to American colonists who fought for independence,” Ngo wrote. “The group unfortunately bears a similar name to the 3% Security Force, a radical anti-government militia that provided security for the Charlottesville, Virginia white nationalist rally last year.”

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“Intentional or not, leftist activists in Seattle rallied people to their cause by claiming the Washington group is filled with white supremacists and anti-Semites,” he added.

“The irony of a mob of mostly white ‘anti-racists’ harassing a gay Asian-American journalist was lost on them,” Ngo added, about himself. “‘Racist, sexist, anti-gay; far-right bigot go away!’” they repeated like a mantra.”

“The protest last weekend demonstrates once again that when overzealous ‘anti-fascist’ ideologues can’t find actual fascists, they will make them up,” Ngo concluded. “And the people they purport to protect—minorities and people of color—aren’t safe from their indiscriminate abuse and threats.”