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Left Panics as Trump Approval Skyrockets

Trump Approval

The liberal left is panicking… that Coronavirus could deliver them four more years of President Donald J. Trump.

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell melted down on her show on Wednesday afternoon, because support for President Trump is “skyrocketing,” while his likely opponent, Joe Biden, has been “having difficulty” getting his message out.

“There is politics involved,” Mitchell told former Obama aide Jim Messina, who was a guest on her show. “We’ve heard very little from, for instance, the more likely, most likely nominee of the Democratic Party, Joe Biden. He’s having difficulty getting – projecting through this crisis as the campaign goes totally on hold.”

“We’re also seeing some polls indicating the President’s approval ratings among Democrats and independents skyrocketing to their highest levels yet,” she continued.

“Some 60% approval ratings for the way he’s handling this crisis as he continues to hold these briefings. The briefings are working for the President.”

She added: “No matter what he says, people seem to be seeing him as a leader. At least more people do.”

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Multiple polls show that the majority of Americans support President Trump’s Coronavirus response. Mitchell references the most glowing poll yet: a Gallup poll, released Wednesday, finds that 60% of voters approve of President Trump’s handling of the crisis.

In addition, 49% of Americans approve of Trump’s job overall, the highest he’s ever scored in a Gallup poll. What’s more, that’s 5 points higher than he scored in the poll at the beginning of March, before the nation was in the throes of a global pandemic.

Most alarmingly for Democrats, Trump’s newfound popularity hasn’t come from Republicans–where his approval remains steady at 92%. Trump’s made inroads with independents–gaining 8 points, to 43%–and has nearly doubled his support among Democrats, increasing from 7% to 13%.


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