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Left Hates On Madonna’s Love of Thatcher


Talk about strange bedfellows: Madonna is under fire for quoting a British conservative icon, former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, on Instagram.

Out of everything on the Material Girl’s considerable resume of controversies–which, over the decades, has attracted scorn from the Pope on down–this might be the first time where she’s being criticized to being too conservative.

In a recent Instagram post, Madonna posted a picture of Lady Thatcher, the first female Prime Minister of the UK, along with one of the leader’s more famous quotes:

“If you set out to be liked, you would be prepared to compromise on anything at any time, and you would achieve nothing.”

Madonna added her own appendage to the end: “Thank you, Margaret Thatcher. #unapologetic.”

Except, because of the knee-jerk political correctness of the liberal Left, Madonna did wind up being apologetic: she deleted the post soon after the firestorm started.

Of course, the Left openly despises Margaret Thatcher. Despite the fact that they see a “War on Women” at every turn, they’ve had nothing but shocking, hypocritical vulgarity for accomplished conservative female leaders, like Sarah Palin or Lady Thatcher.

The amount of vitriol from liberals this week, towards both Thatcher and Madonna–two successful and iconic women, on opposite sides of the aisle–speaks volumes about the complete destruction of free speech and open debate on the Left. To the point where a trailblazing liberal woman can’t even merely post an apolitical quote from a trailblazing conservative woman, without the Left going into a collective politically-correct meltdown.

Regardless, Margaret Thatcher goes down in history as one of the most powerful, accomplished women of all time–no matter what anyone thinks of her politics. It’s sad that the so-called “feminists” on the Left can’t (or won’t) see that.


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