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Kudlow Scrambles To Dodge Charges Of Hypocrisy Over Trump Budget

Deficit Spending
Is it Ok, when 'our guy' does it?

Larry Kudlow, the White House Chief Economic Adviser, spoke in defense of Trump’s new 2-year budget, which will add billions to the federal deficit. However, he is in the hot seat, for previous remarks about deficit spending that was made by the Obama Administration..

CNN’s Erin Burnett showed him a clip from 2009, of him criticizing one of the Obama Administration’s first budget-breaking spending sprees.

“The families of America take a look at this budget and these humongous deficits and the doubling of the debt and so forth and the out of control spending….this is the most unbalanced fiscal story coming out of Washington, really in our history,” said Larry Kudlow in 2009 regarding the budget set forth by former President Obama.

Erin Burnett also brought to light that in 2009, the CBO has claimed that the national debt would rise up to 68 percent of the GDP by 2019.The Congressional Budget Office said today that the overall debt would reach up to 105 percent of the gross domestic product by the year 2028.

Larry Kudlow said to Erin Burnett that President Donald Trump’s administration does not think that the Congressional Budget Office spending bill and tax cuts will add to the national debts and deficits.

In addition to that, he claimed that former president Obama’s program “was all spending,” mostly for welfare programs and other social spending that didn’t bring any benefits for the economy in terms of growth.

Erin Burnett then claimed that President Donald Trump has just recently signed a bill that will add to the deficits, to which Kudlow replied that the bill signed by President Donald Trump was “nothing like the Obama stimulus package.”

“I’m not happy with the government as it is now. I think spending has got to come down,” said Kudlow. “As I’ve said, we need more limited government, much more modest government.”

Kudlow also added that former President Obama did not have any growth program in place and if he did, “we would all be more prosperous today,” hence I would not have worried about the deficits.
Republicans, on the other hand, are planning to reduce the spending due to the criticism being faced from home. They’re upset. They’re saying, ‘what are you guys doing up there,’ ” said a member of the far-right House Freedom Caucus, Representative Dave Brat (R-Va.) about his constituents. “If the Republicans stand for anything, it’s fiscal responsibility.”

The House will be voting for a balanced budget amendment on Thursday. The GOP leaders are in discussions with the Trump administration to reduce the increases in funding that had been adopted recently in the omnibus bill in 2018.

“That will be a symbolic measure that won’t get enacted. … It’s a messaging vote,” said the chairman of the House Appropriations subcommittee, Representative Charlie Dent (R-Pa.).


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