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Knife Control Is Even Worse Than First Believed

British Police
"Pip-pip cheerio, God save the Queen, Over"

The “knife control” craze in the U.K. has reached preposterous new levels—as police begin confiscating all things pointy from the British people.

British police departments on social media have begun posting the results of their so-called “weapons sweeps,” revealing that rather than simply confiscating knives, they’re confiscating anything that could potentially become a weapon.

The Regents Park Police, for instance, tweeted a photo of the “weapons” found during one raid: scissors, two pairs of pliers, two screwdrivers, and a butter knife.

The police in Hackney also tweeted a photo of a butter knife, captioning it: “weapons found today.”

Both tweets were mocked widely on Twitter.

Britain’s latest anti-knife freakout came after London’s murder rate edged above New York City’s—even though guns are widely banned in Britain, with neither citizens nor police having easy access to firearms.


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