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Should Kellyanne Conway Keep Herself in the Spotlight?

Nora O’Donnell interviewed Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway for CBS Sunday Morning for a 13 minutes segment focused solely on her.

It is common in politics for advisors and employees like Conway to avoid the personal limelight, especially when they are the subjects of controversy.

Kellyanne has arguably been the subject of constant controversy due to misstatements, odd statements, and contradictions.

Kellyanne, who ran a SuperPAC for Ted Cruz before switching teams, was a strong critic of Trump before agreeing to serve as an advisor to his campaign on “women’s issues.”

Conway has been praised by Trump for her willingness to “go into any den” and is apt at dealing with the hostile media.

But her acumen at dealing with the corporate media has also worked against her as she is now a common focus of their scrutiny.

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