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Kavanaugh’s First Act As Justice Drives Liberals Insane

Justice Kavanaugh
it's time to Own the Libs!

Justice Brett Kavanaugh started work at the Supreme Court on Tuesday… and his first action is already driving the identity politics left bonkers.

Kavanaugh has made history by selecting four female clerks: the first time any Justice has ever had an entirely female staff of clerks.

“He has played a double role in this historic moment,” said Kavanaugh’s former clerk, Porter Wilkinson.

“Four of the female clerks currently serving at the Supreme Court were with him at the DC Circuit, and now he’s tipped the balance at the court for the first time with an all-female clerk class,” she added.

At his first confirmation hearing, before hit with dubious charges of sexual assault, Kavanaugh had touted his record of picking a diverse slate of clerks, and promised to do so again once he took the bench.


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