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Julian Assange Is Alive! Maybe.

WikiLeaks and Julian Assange were responsible for releasing the Podesta emails, DNC emails and effectively damaged the Hillary Clinton campaign and some thought it cost him his life.

Then in October, military activity was reported outside of his home inside the Ecuadorean embassy in London and Julian Assange was feared dead.

He went silent and was cut off from the Internet inside the embassy. Many feared his death.

Since then he has appeared on a few interviews, but some even showed evidence that Assange’s likeness was being digitally faked.

Some still hold out that Assange was either captured by secret government officials or killed.

Finally Assange answers the questions about his death on Twitter.

Assange has yet to appear in the window of the embassy as he has done in the past, but most skeptics have been convinced that Assange is alive.

Hopefully he can continue his work in exposing the corruption behind politicians around the world.

What are your thoughts on Assange?


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