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Is The NFL Supporting Trump Now?

Donald Trump
Is it any surprise? How many NFL stars have served jail time, or have MURDER convictions?

The NFL and Trump have had some interesting exchanges revolving around the kneeling protest, but the league is now supporting Trump in a new endeavor.

Trump’s new First Step Act, a prison reform bill that has a goal of decreasing the amount of people in America’s prisons, is something the league can get behind.

The NFL’s VP of Communications wrote in a statement that, “The National Football League applauds the leadership of the President and bipartisan Members of Congress on criminal justice reform. We offer our full support for the revised First Step Act and urge passage this year.”

Donald Trump and the NFL have had a few disagreements in the past two years. Just this past September, Trump said it would be nice to see an NFL leader fire a player for kneeling during the National Anthem.

The new prison reform bill is something that a lot of people are getting behind. In a time where so many Americans are divided, it is good to see people from different political spectrums coming together to support a bill that could actually do some good. It must be a good bill if the Koch Brothers and the ACLU are offering their support.

It has a broad appeal and now has a better chance at succeeding with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) agreeing to vote.

Trump needs a win like this right now. The NFL and Trump have had a shaky relationship for several decades.

With the support of the NFL and so many different groups, Trump’s new prison reform bill could go a long way in helping heal some of the bad blood between the league and the president. Not to mention, something like prison reform could really help come 2020.

What are your thoughts on the president’s new prison reform bill?


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