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Is Ted Cruz A Liar?

Ted Cruz

If you ask frontrunner Donald Trump, it’s a no brainer:

While Donald Trump tends to deal in black and white statements without many details, Ted Cruz has made very specific allegations against Trump in an email released last night:

He is so rattled by my surge in the polls, our victory in Iowa, and our strong finish in New Hampshire that he has decided to continue his scorched earth campaign in an attempt to burn down everyone and everything in his path.

I can’t fault Donald for this…it’s the only way he can distract voters from his record:

• Support for Hillary-style healthcare;
• Support for partial birth abortion;
• Support for bank bailouts;
• Support for Obama stimulus; and
• Enthusiastic embrace of eminent domain.


No, it’s pretty dirty if you look into specifics.

On abortion, Trump has been on record as hating abortion but supporting the same position as Ron Paul; it’s a state issue, not a federal issue. While conservatives and even libertarians can agree that abortion is murder, they can also agree that a state solution is the best course to save lives.

Cruz’s attack on Trump regarding “Hillary-style healthcare” and support for the “Obama stimulus” is the same as saying that Trump stands with George W. Bush, who started the bank bailouts and stimulus packages on his watch . . . still not a good thing.

As for an “enthusiastic embrace of eminent domain” the statement is laughable but Trump has failed to differentiate between the proper use of eminent domain and the abuse of eminent domain for private benefit.

Whether Cruz is a “liar” or a man who walks on the edge of truth is up to his supporters. However, it is clear that Cruz, more than any other candidate, walks the line between integrity and dishonesty like a drunken woman taking a roadside sobriety test.

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