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Is CNN Obsessed With Trump And The Mueller Investigation?

Donald Trump
To be fair... we are OBSESSED too - but in the good way!

Donald Trump often calls CNN “fake news” and even tried to remove the press credentials for journalist Jim Acosta, but does Trump have a point? Is CNN obsessed with Trump and the Mueller Investigation?

You would think other things are going on in the world, but if you follow CNN’s Twitter, look at or watch the channel, you will see an overwhelming amount of stories on Trump and the Mueller investigation into Trump’s possible collusion with Russia.

The media outlet is trying to dissect the Mueller investigation every way possible, and pumping out stories as fast as they can. Here are some that came out today.

Here is one about Jerome Corsi.

Here is one about Trump’s behavior towards the investigation.

The entire left side of the header on CNN’s website is dedicated to Mueller Investigation with headlines like, “Something must be weighing on Trump” and “Mueller would continue working in a government shutdown.”

YouTube is littered with CNN videos on the Mueller investigation and anything that can show Trump in a bad light.

At this point, there is really no argument that the attention CNN is giving Mueller and the Russian collusion investigation is gratuitous. With so much negative attention, it is clear they are not on the side of Trump and with such blatant animosity towards the president, it does beg the question, is CNN the enemy of the people?

It has been almost two years since special counsel Robert Mueller started his investigation, but CNN’s coverage has reached a fever pitch. Either they know something we don’t know, or they are just obsessed with Trump and the investigation.

Do you think CNN is obsessed? Let us know in the comments below.


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