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Inside the Beltway: RNC Obstructs Trump


The word is out to Republican consultants: “Work with Trump, and you’re done.”

Since Trump declared his candidacy, the billionaire has had a tough time finding high level campaign staff with experience in national elections.

As one political consultant stated months ago, “I can’t have that on my resume.”

While Trump has managed to lead the pack of presidential contenders for nearly the entire run, he’s done it by the force of his personality, not the organization of his campaign.

And the stress, according to backroom reports, is mounting on the candidate who is carrying nearly all of the weight to perform alone.

Back in Washington, RNC insiders are aware of the disorganization of the Trump campaign, which is now an open secret.

With any other contender, high level and highly paid political consultants would be knocking on Trump’s door, but due to an edict by GOP operatives, confirmed by two sources who requested anonymity, they were told that if they work with Trump, they would receive no further business from the Republican National Committee, including the National Republican Congressional Committee and the National Republican Senate Committee.

Essentially, any individual or company that assists Donald J. Trump will faced with the very real possibility of being told, “you’re fired.”

Politics at its finest.


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