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Indiana Town Raided by FBI Agents

This morning, several suited agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigations entered the Muncie City Hall armed with a box of boxes and search warrants.

By noon, agents were carting away boxes of documents to the parking lot.

Muncie, located in Delaware County, Indiana is a working class town with a population of over 70,000.

The town is likely best known in popular culture as the hometown of Garfield and his creator, Jim Davis.

Muncie’s Mayor, Dennis Tyler, has been aware of the months-long investigation that is allegedly looking into charges of corruption.

The mayor announced the search with a signed statement on non-letterhead shortly after agents entered his building.

Last year, the Muncie Mayor raised local income taxes after property taxes were capped.

At the time, the mayor proclaimed the city to be cash-strapped, then later praised the increase for allowing more money to be “moved throughout our general fund.”

The city’s police force has also been the subject of numerous complaints of abuse including “reservoir beatings” where known criminals or men who “got off easy” are picked up by police for good measure and taken to a reservoir to be beaten.

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