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Illegal Alien Charged With Murder, But Are Democrats To Blame?

Another one bites the dust...

On July 18th, Mollie Tibbetts went for a run and was never seen again. After a month of searching and FBI investigations, Tibbetts was found murdered and police have now charged Mexican illegal immigrant, Cristhian Bathena Rivera with first-degree murder.

Rivera, who is in the country illegally, allegedly kidnapped the young University of Iowa student, killed her and left her body in a cornfield just 12 miles from where she lived.

When speaking in West Virginia on Tuesday night, president Trump said that Tibbetts’ murder “should have never happened.”

Fox News is reporting that Rivera has been in the Iowa area between four and seven years and worked just three miles from Tibbetts home. President Trump is right, this should have never happened.

Mollie’s death is tragic and heartbreaking, and now is quickly becoming an example of why America needs to strengthen the southern border. Republican Steve Scalise and House Majority Whip put the blame on Democrats in a recent tweet.

Other Twitter users shared the same feeling as Scalise about the Democrats being partly to blame for Tibbetts’ murder.

One user said that “Mollie Tibbetts would be alive today if Democrats didn’t fight for and allow illegal immigration at ever turn.


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