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I Don’t Care If They Spy On Me, I’m Innocent

Major leak shows how phones are being used to spy on the innocent and why it may not be as harmless as you may thing.

The Guardian, the same publication that released the Snowden documents, plan to release information about how an Israeli digital weapon company created a platform that allows police and law enforcement to listen through phones.

NSO group, the creator of the software, says that they have only sold to organizations and governments that adhere to their strict guidelines, but that may not be the case.

The Guardian promises an expose on what is really happening in the coming days.

These days, everyone has a cell phone, and most people don’t remember that their phones have cameras, microphones and positioning devices.

When the kind of technology that the NSO created falls into the wrong hands, your phone can become the ultimate tool to capture what you’re are saying, where you are, and even turn on the camera to record you when you least expect it.

Imagine being at home and your son asks what the password on your computer is. Then someone listening on your phone hears it, and then uses it to break into your computer and steal all kinds of information they could use to falsify your identity.

This is a serious problem and one that many ignore. We’ll see if the Guardian story sheds some insight into how our phones can be hacked and who is doing it.


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