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Huma Abedin And Anthony Weiner Call Off Divorce

Divorce Papers
A sure sign of "True Love"

It looks like Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin and her incarcerated ex, disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner, have called off their divorce case.

According to the New York Post’s venerable “Page Six” gossip column, Abedin failed to show up to Manhattan Supreme Court on Wednesday for a divorce hearing.

Instead, one of Abedin’s attorneys submitted paperwork signed by both Abedin and Weiner saying that they were mutually agreeing to end contested divorce proceedings.

The judge then pronounced the case “discontinued.”

Despite calling off the divorce case, Abedin and Weiner aren’t getting a happy ending: Abedin’s lawyer issued a statement later in the day confirming that the divorce would instead be worked out “swiftly and privately” rather than in a court of law.

Abedin filed for divorce in May, just hours after Weiner pleaded guilty to sexting with an underage girl.

Weiner, who was once an up-and-coming Congressman from New York, saw his career collapse in 2011 when he accidentally uploaded a selfie in his underwear to his public Twitter account. He admitted to sexting multiple women, and resigned. Abedin, who was pregnant with their son Jordan at the time, vowed to stick with Weiner.

In 2013, Weiner tried to redeem himself by running for mayor of New York City–but was, once again, brought down by another sexting scandal.

In August 2016, Weiner was caught sexting again–and was finally dumped by Abedin, who announced their separation. A month later, Weiner was accused of sexting with a 15-year-old girl. As part of the FBI’s investigation, Weiner and Huma’s electronics were seized–and, when the FBI discovered emails pertinent to the Hillary Clinton email scandal, the FBI reopened the Clinton case just weeks before the U.S. presidential election. The FBI’s decision to reopen the case was seen by many as a major reason Clinton lost the presidential election.

Weiner was sentenced to 21 months in federal prison, which he began serving in November. Upon leaving jail in 2019, Weiner will have to register as a sex offender.


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