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How Much Abuse Can Trump Fans Weather?


If you are a Trump supporter you will be called a moron, racist, fascist, and a Hitler lover, but how much can you take?

Trump supporters are by nature resilient and willing to buck the system, but how much abuse can they take before they just give up? Sure the New York real estate mogul has some fans who will support him regardless, but what about all the moderates and independents who were leaning his way after the New Year?

Trump and his fans are dealing with over two billion dollars spent that have targeted the GOP frontrunner with negative ads framing him as a racist and a misogynist. The negative ads are working and Trump isn’t helping by some of the things he says.

Beyond the mischaracterization of his stances on immigration, abortion and Muslims, the areas where no spin is necessary are where a lot of the abuse is coming from. He has made fun of almost everyone.

Lying Ted, ugly Fiorina, bleeding Megyn Kelly, little Marco, loser Romney, and his constant attacks on the media have made it tough for his fans. Even though Carly Fiorina may not be the most beautiful woman in the world, her looks should not warrant an attack in the political sphere.

Trump’s boisterous and abrasive attitude has won him a lot of support but it has also created a sub culture of #NeverTrump and people who legitimately want the man dead.

The enemies say the worst things about and to Trump fans and the real question is how much can the Trump fans take? When any Trump fan who isn’t only friends with other Trump fans on social media posts something positive about Donald Trump they will be attacked.

If someone displays a Pro Trump sign, they risk it being destroyed or partially painted.

The attacks are relentless on both Trump and his fans. How much can they take?

The Trump fans have weathered a strong storm so far, and have heard over and over how Trump is inciting violence, but then Trump fans see Ted Cruz talk about running over Trump with his car.

After seeing Senator Ted Cruz talk about running over Trump, some fans will be emboldened. Some will see the hypocrisy and their only option is Trump. Other fans see the clip above and hear the laughter and wonder with so many people that hate Donald Trump will he even be able to win?

Let’s say Donald Trump gets the nomination and is the GOP challenger of Hillary Clinton, who has an almost equal amount of people that really dislike her, will his supporters be ready for another fight?

In the general election things always get nastier. But this year, how is that even possible? I guess we’ll see.

What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below.


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