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House Republicans Pretend to Grow Spines


Earlier this week, the House of Representatives voted to repeal provisions of Obamacare.

The vote, which was only symbolic, was an attempt by Paul Ryan and other House GOP members to play to the conservative base that have grown a voice backed by candidates like Donald Trump and to a degree, Ted Cruz.

The vote was 240-181, which is not strong enough to override the two-thirds majority to protect the legislation from a presidential veto by Obama.

The legislation, which comes fives years too late, has no chance of becoming law and only represents establishment Republicans playing to a base that has lost respect for their half-hearted leadership.

Speaker Paul Ryan took a break from his red hat and weight room to tell the press, “The people deserve a truly patient-centered health care system. And ultimately, this is going to require a Republican president. That’s why our top priority in 2016 is going to be offering the country a clear choice with a bold, pro-growth agenda.”

As Ryan’s quote shows, the bill is useless and was presented and injected with less sweat than Ryan puts into his daily P90X workout.


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