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House GOP Rejects Gun Grabbing Bill

Paul Ryan
Way to go Paul!

House Republicans have set aside the legislative for implementing strict gun controls, saying that they need to focus on strengthening school security first. They are trying to figure out why the officer on duty failed to respond to the situation, despite repeated warnings and signals about the suspect that ultimately left 17 people dead in Florida High School shooting incident.

According to Ryan, “We shouldn’t be banning guns from law-abiding citizens,” stating in a news conference. “We should be focusing on making sure that citizens who should not get guns in the first place don’t get those guns.” President Donald Trump has backed a number of proposals for gun control and school security implications, following the recent mass shooting incident at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, Parkland. The incident cost the United States 17 innocent lives that could have been prevented if the security guard on duty responded to the situation.

Joe Barton, Representative (R-Texas) said, “We need to put more effort into identifying potential shooters and tell local law enforcement to enforce the laws we already have.” Joe was also a victim of GOP shooting last summer.

However, not all members of the GOP are against gun restriction and some strongly favor the proposal put forth by President Donald Trump. Brian Mast, Representative (R-Florida), is in support of implementing restrictions on gun control and raising the minimum age requirement for purchasing certain firearms. He presented some ideas to his colleagues but did not receive a “thunderous applause” as he had hoped.

For now, members of GOP are strongly focused on increasing on school campus security and bolstering the response to situations such as the Florida shooting incident. Roger Williams, Representative (R-Texas) said, “We need to have people on the scene who are comfortable using weapons.” He further added, “We need to secure the schools now, because this debate is going to last a long time.”

President Donald Trump is in favor of arming schoolteachers by equipping them with a concealed firearm and ending the legislative that compels that school grounds remain gun-free, which according to the President attracts shooters. A group of bipartisan lawmakers said, on Tuesday, that they are working on federal funding to support prevention programs that would educate adults and children to spot and report signs of gun violence for speedy action.

John Rutherford, Representative (R-Florida), who is also one of the co-sponsors for the bill, said on Tuesday, “Security requires a multilayered approach. Our bill supports one very important layer of that security for our schools.” White House Judiciary and Oversight, along with Government Reform Committees have requested the FBI to offer briefings on their response to the incident and are ready to hold hearings if needed. Ryan said, “We need to get to the bottom of how these breakdowns occurred.” Adding that, “We are going to be looking at the system failures.”


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