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Hospital Leaks Dirty Photos Of Patient

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A hospital in Pennsylvania is facing a massive lawsuit over allegations that hospital staff took numerous nude photos of a patient, while she was under the knife. The patient, 45 year old Sheila Harosky, was a former employee of the hospital.

Sheila Harosky did not know that her former colleagues did such a despicable thing, until her nudes leaked back to her. She is suing the hospital over invasion of privacy, in what is a clear case of gross misconduct by the hospital staff. The Hospital faces a lawsuit which specifically names the Chief Executive and the doctor from the hospital who performed the surgery.

Harosky went on to tell the news reporters that she had learned about the photographs first as she had returned to her work after a hernia surgery. She had been working as the secretary in the operating room at that time at the same hospital. It was then when her colleague had allegedly shown the nude photographs on her smartphone. The co-worker had shown the pictures saying, “I’ve got something for your scrapbook. It’s a little explicit.” The victim was then showed a naked pictures of her on the operating table as she was under anesthesia.

“I couldn’t believe what I was looking at,” Harosky said in a statement. “I looked up and said, ‘What the hell is the matter with you?’ And she thought it was funny.”

However, the hospital claimed that she had herself participated in events that had eventually lead up to the photographs and the incident. The incident was labelled as a practical joke, and Harosky had to ask the co-workers to place some fake intestines on her abdomen.  However, Harosky had never authorized the pictures, according to reports.

“Washington Health System disputes the version of events that have been published and intends to defend the claim,” the organization had said in a statement it released after the lawsuit was filed.

The Reports further said that the hospital had let go of the nurse and the doctor is barred from performing further surgeries. However, the victim was ridiculed by the co-workers because of the photographs and is now on a 3 month paid leave.

“I loved my job,” Harosky said in an interview. “I worked all those years to get a nice-paying job with benefits and retirement and — because I had surgery there — it’s all gone. All because of what was done to me while I was asleep, under anesthesia.”

Have you ever gone under the knife? What might have unscrupulous doctors done to you, while you were out? This is a chilling thought!


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