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Horrific: SUV Vs Tractor Trailer

Tractor Trailer

With Jonas having come and gone, leaving literal mountains of snow behind, much of the East Coast remains huddled at home and surfing on social networks.

A video that’s making the rounds is a horrific accident in which an SUV veers slightly off course in the snow and sideswipes a truck only to bounce off and enter the path of a full speed tractor-trailer.

The real-life event looks like a take from the latest Transformer movie.

The SUV disintegrated.

Along with the video that has received over 10 million views is an eerie warning not to text and drive.

While the video is genuine, the event happened in 2012 in Russia.

It was never confirmed why the accident happened so the texting warning is speculative; however, the driver was sadly killed.

The driver of the destroyed Nissan Navara, only identified as Alexander, was on his way home to his wife and two children.

The fatal crash happened near the village of Omutischi Petushki in Russia. The road is notorious for deadly accidents.

The video can be seen here:


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