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Homeless Man Breaks Into CA Governor’s Mansion, Claims “Sanctuary”

Break In
"Undocumented invader"

A homeless man was arrested last month for breaking into the home of Democratic California Gov. Jerry Brown… claiming that he figured the governor was an “open-door policy kind of guy” due to his support of sanctuary states.

According to the California Highway Patrol, Steven Seeley, 51, was arrested on April 19. He was also treated at a hospital for cuts that he received while trying to escape the Sacramento house through a broken window.

In an interview with local news channel KCRA, Seeley claimed that he had been living in an abandoned hotel in the neighborhood when he saw a large wild animal, which scared him. He ran to the governor’s side door, and found it unlocked.

“He’s an open-door policy kind of guy, so I figured the door would be unlocked, or else I wouldn’t have ran over there if I thought the door would be locked,” Seeley said.

“I was looking for the security staff, but I didn’t see anybody,” he added. “I thought the governor was in trouble, I thought he was in danger of being attacked by the wild animals, so I walked in. I yelled ‘Jerry!'”

Governor Brown was not home at the time, but his wife, Anne, was upstairs.


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